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Menurut Unctad’s World Investment Report 2009, aliran langsung keluar pelaburan asing (FDI) pada 2007 ialah USD2.7 bilion manakala pada 2008 nilainya meningkat kepada USD6.0 billion. Pada 15 Februari 2012, Berita Bernama berjudul Direct Investment Posts Net Outflow of RM7.9 billion. Melaui pengamatan saya, statistik rasmi kerajaan melalui MITI hanya memaparkan aliran FDI masuk. Tiada statistik aliran FDI keluar. Entah mengapa? Terkini, Global Competitiveness Report meletakkan Malaysia pada tangga ke 25 iaitu jatuh empat anak tangga dari tahun sebelumnya. Saya petik para dalam laporan GCR,

Following improvements in last year’s Report, Malaysia maintains its score but drops four places as other economies move ahead. The most notable advantages are found in Malaysia’s efficient and competitive market for goods and services (11th) and its remarkably supportive financial sector 6th), as well as its business-friendly institutional framework. In a region where many economies suffer from the lack of transparency and the presence of red tape, Malaysia stands out as particularly successful at tackling those two issues. Yet, despite the progress achieved, much remains to be done to put the country on a more solid growth path. Its low level of technological readiness (51st) is surprising, especially given its achievements in other areas of innovation and business sophistication and the country’s focus on promoting the use of ICT. Lack of progress in this area will significantly undermine Malaysia’s efforts to become a knowledge-based economy by the end of the decade.
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